The Croft Bag

All White Earrings Collection

Leave it Blanc

Inspired by the beautiful glowing brides during their wedding day, we created an all white earring collection. Gone are the days formal earrings only come out during special occasions. These styles can be worn for “go glam” formal events to “lay low” casual weekends.

Meet Haley

Our new multi-way Haley bag is the perfect companion from errands to night outs. We know how important being hands-free is so we made sure you can wear it in different ways whether for a casual run or even a formal occasion.

The Idea

Rory & Sloan came about from two sisters’ love for empowered women on TV. We want to develop a brand that lets women be who they want to be – unafraid and unapologetic. They can walk through life feeling confident and good about themselves, bad hair days included. Our first release – earrings – is but an accessory towards that confidence.

The Rory & Sloan Gal

We like our bodies, coffee, and brow games strong.¬†We’re not afraid to speak our minds, chase after our dreams, tie our hair up and get our hands dirty to get the job done. But we also love to have fun, let our hair down, grab a drink, put our favorite lipsticks on and celebrate life’s little and big moments.


The order process is pretty simple and quick. After shopping, checkout, pay through credit card or bank deposit. If you choose to do bank deposit, we’ll wait for your bank deposit slip which you must email to Like us, we know you’re excited for your orders so we’ll make sure to ship it as quickly as we can.

Always on the 'Gram